How to Integrate Cards Using SmartCard API?

This area contains articles about how to integrate smart cards using CardWerk SmartCard-API.

Please let us know if you have any requests we should cover here.

HelloMifare - sample code for MIFARE Classic card integration with PC/SC part 3 compliant smart card readers
HelloPIV - sample code for U.S Government issued PIV cards; Reads CUID, GUID, FASCN, certificates
HelloPROX - sample code for genuine HID PROX cards; reads card number, facility code from any card with any format
HelloPacs - zipped EXE file only available as binary; reads HID iCLASS cards with OMNIKEY 5021, 5121, 5321, 4321, 6321 readers (via OMNIKEY scardsyn.dll)
HelloSyncAPI - sample code to access storage cards via unmaneged OMNIKEY synchronous API (scardsyn.dll) to support cards such as SLE4442

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