How to Access Storage Cards on OMNIKEY readers?
Download sample code for .NET, C#, VB.NET

We get these questions quite often:

Of course you could start reading through HID OMNIKEY scardsyn.dll documentation. HID also makes a few C++ and VB samples available for their SyncAPI to show how to call their native synchronous API.

Then you would try to figure out how to write a wrapper to make unmanaged functions residing in scardsyn.dll (32-bit native Windows API) and scardsynx64.dll (64 bit native Windows API) available from within a C# application development project. By the time you are done a week of development time can easily be gone.

Add a few more days to look into vendor specific pseudo APDUs in case you also need to support the latest OMNIKEY reader chipset.

Thanks to CardWerk SmartCard API (Professional) edition accessing OMNIKEY synchronous API and vendor specific APDUs for synchronous storage cards is quite easy. Our Hello World - like sample code "HelloMemoryCard" shows how to access the following cards:

I2C cards from Atmel (Inside):
AT24C01A, AT24C02, AT24C04, AT24C08, AT24C1024, AT24C128, AT24C16, AT24C164, AT24C256, AT24C32, AT24C512, AT24C64, AT24CS128, AT24CS256

I2C cards from Gemalto (GemPlus):

I2C cards from ST-Microelectronics:

2-wire protocol cards from Infineon:
SLE4432, SLE4442

All you need to access storage cards is SmartCard-API (Professional) and a few of lines of code. No need to know anything about third party data structures, winscard context or Windows card handles etc.

Once you are connected using SmartCardAPI (professional), you can also access I2C cards. We expose three easy-yo-use methods. The wrapper assembly takes care of everything needed to get things worked out between native winscard, PC/SC and OMNIKEY proprietary synchronous API.

SmartCard API provides you with easy-to-use methods to access unmanaged API calls. Both, 32-bit and 64 builds are supported.

We have prepared sample code to demonstrate this and wrapped it in HelloWorld-style sample code that is part of our trial SDK download since 06JUN2017. A convenient linkk from this page also provides access to HelloMemoryCard C# sample code.

HelloMemoryCard replaces HelloSyncAPI. It works fine on any Windows 7/8/10 desktop system. 32-bit and x64 versions of Windows are supported.

Download storage card sample code for .NET, C#, VB.NET

Key Features of HelloSyncAPI Sample Code

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Buying a commercial license of the CardWerk SmartCard API (Professional) edition entitles you to redistribute the binary CardWerk SmartCard API (Professional) assembly to your customers at an incredible ROI.

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