Smart Card API and .NET Framework for C# and VB.NET Developers

Smart Card an SmartCard Reader Access for .NET Developers


The CardWerk SmartCard API is a product family that provides easy smart card access for developers programming in the Microsoft .NET environment. The SmartCard API class libraries support all .NET programming languages such as Visual Basic.NET, Visual C#, and many others. It can even be used from code hosted inside Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The full version of our SmartCard API development kits may be used for evaluation purposes, for purely private use, and for non-commercial educational use. A development kit license must be purchased only for commercial use or for redistribution of the runtime files.

Your Advantages

Editions to match your needs

CardWerk SmartCard API is available in three editions in order to provide the best possible solution for your development needs:

SmartCard API (Professional)
The Professional edition implements the powerful SmartCard API Framework that supports accessing smart card readers through the Windows native PC/SC Workgroup API (WinSCard) and the German CT-API. In addition access to memory cards is supported through proprietary storage card API and CT-API. We currently support SCM Microsystems Inc.' MCARD API adapter class. Contact storage cards on OMNIKEY readers are supported via OMNIKEY SCARDSYN wrapper class. iCLASS card support is available upon request. The Professional version is the ideal edition to get started with US Government PIV and CAC cards via both contact (ISO 7816) and contactless (ISO 14443, ISO 15693) interfaces using PC/SC-based industry standards compliant readers.
SmartCard API (Express)
The Express edition provides low overhead access to asynchronous smart cards through the native Microsoft Windows WinSCard DLL (defined by PC/SC Workgroup API). It is the most cost effective solution if you do not require support for CT-API, memory cards and you don't need the advanced, event-driven card tracking capabilities of SmartCard API Professional edition.
SmartCard API (Windows CE)
The Windows CE edition extends the .NET Compact Framework with smart card access through the WinSCard module of Windows CE based devices, such as Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC devices.

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