Smart Card API (Express) - Microsoft Windows Winscard.DLL .NET Wrapper Class for Visual Studio
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The CardWerk SmartCard API (Express) edition provides low overhead access to asynchronous smart cards through the native PC/SC Workgroup API (WinSCard). It is the most cost effective solution if you do not require support for CT-API or memory cards.

The CardWerk SmartCard API (Express) Development Kit may be used free of charge for evaluation purposes, for purely private use, and for non-commercial educational use. A license must be purchased only for commercial use or for redistribution of the runtime files.

Key Features

The CardWerk SmartCard API (Express) is written in completely managed Visual C# code. It thus fits perfectly into any application developed using the .NET Framework.

Buying a commercial license of the CardWerk SmartCard API (Express) edition entitles you to redistribute the binary CardWerk SmartCard API (Express) assembly to your customers without paying any additional royalties.

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